The 2017 Cullis Holiday Music Mix


This year I put a new stereo in my truck. It works great with my phone, and it pairs up instantly, remembering what I was playing when I turned the truck off. I love it. I love the connectivity of the phone, being able to listen to anything -- podcast, audiobook, Spotify playlist. I love my new stereo. But it doesn't have a CD player.

I love tangible things, too. Vinyl records. Books with paper pages. Legos. Big, shiny aluminum RVs. These are the things that last -- that will last beyond this digital age. There won't be digital antiques a hundred years from now. Even CDs, which sound better than anything you can download (yes, seriously) won't last forever. The CDRs I burned in college are barely playable anymore.

We love making Holiday Music Mixes. We've done it for ten years now and we don't want to stop. But does it make sense to keep making CDs? What's the next best option?

This year, we decided to offer a downloadable mix, as well as a link to a Spotify playlist. Whatever works for you. It's not a permanent thing, but these days I feel like exposure to music is what's important, not necessarily the form it comes in. So here's our Mix. Hope you enjoy it.

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