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A race of small creatures crash in an Ohio field

An enterprising businessman seizes an opportunity

A young woman is caught up in an extremist plot to liberate the alien lifeforms, while a luckless cop struggles to apprehend her

A floundering researcher takes on a young assistant in an effort to save his flagging career


Together they unravel the secret of what lies in

the shadow of the chandelier

Ott Rising

Originally serialized in blog form, Ott Rising is a young adult fantasy novel by Jay Cullis.

Now available in paperback from

When the cloud came they fled into the hills, chased to the top of a mountain by a rising tide of poisonous gas. Three hundred years later their descendants are all that is left -- surrounded in isolation on their lonely peak by a sea of toxic clouds.

But when a mysterious event forces the villagers to reconsider everything they thought about the world, an adventure is set in motion that will change their lives forever.

An epic tale of cataclysm and survival, Ott Rising is a story about friendship, loyalty, and sacrificing the good of one for the good of all.